Catching Up

I have not posted in almost 5 months, and for that I apologize. Things have changed a lot for me in that time, and this needed to be pushed to the side while I tried to get everything else in order.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts about how much I love dancing and teaching dance. I’ve also mentioned that, since January, I have been getting more involved in my local scene. Until a couple of months ago I was just kind of easing back into being involved. I was going to the dances, getting to know the new crowd, and starting to teach again. However, in May, after thinking about what I really wanted to put my time into, I decided to throw myself back into dancing. I have loved it since the moment I started and I was finally in a place, once again, where I could invest my time, energy and passion into it again.

One afternoon, I sat down with the president of the organization, Chaky, to go over some ideas with him about how to potentially improve the scene. I had an entire outline of things I had thought about, such as improving social media to advertising, to ideas for special events. After going through all my ideas, I was thinking that Chaky would give me his feedback about my ideas and he would have me start on a couple of small things for it. Instead, he told me that he was retiring from being president, after 11 years, and that he wanted me to take over for him. I was once in charge of the student swing group at Virginia Tech, so I knew exactly how substantial his request was, but I didn’t hesitate at all. I felt exhilarated and joyful. I felt like God had guided me right to where I needed to be and it just felt right, so I said “Absolutely.”

In the time since then, we had a short period of time when Chaky and I worked together to begin the transition, but then in June, I took over full time. I redid the website, took over leading the teachers in the group, planning and managing the dances, and a hundred other things. The last couple of months have been especially busy. Our dances over the summer are generally small and there are lessons or much else going on because we do rely pretty heavily on the student community. However, once classes start back in August, it goes from dead to full steam ahead in the span of about a week. We had one week with with 26 people and the following week we had 67. Since that night,which was only a month ago, we have had 3 special events, one live band, had one advanced lesson, started 2 lesson sets, and have begun making plans for a huge event coming up in March.

This has been such a huge undertaking, and it’s so much work, but I have loved every second of it and I look forward to seeing where this takes me in the coming years!

I have not, however, chosen to do this instead of weddings. I will do them both! In the last couple of months, I have also been lucky enough to be a part of 3 truly wonderful weddings. In the coming days, I will be tell you all about those. I promise that, now that I have hit my stride in my schedule, that I will be posting much more often! Until then, please check out my awesome dance scene! Visit our website or check out our Facebook page to see pictures an videos from our events!